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Jambolou Doberman Families

Kenta Kenta Kenta's Therapy Dog United Photo 183147684 Dog Park! It was a hot day that day! 183147685 Throne I was trying to move out of my apartment and Kenta thought it was a perfect fit for him to sit on the chair that I wanted to move. 183147686 183147687 Kent'as stay is very good! Beautiful fall leaves! 183147688 183147689 By the Lake One of the set of photos taken for my graduation pictures 183147690 183150890 183150891 183150892 183150893 183150894 183150895 Puppy Pic #1 It seems such a long time ago that he was only 30lbs and I could actually carry him! 183151777 Puppy pic #2 I remember this was after we went for a short hike. He was passed out for hours! 183151778 Puppy Pic #3 183151779 Puppy pic #4 183151780 Goofball looking at me in bed 183151781 Sailing! Kenta's first time on a boat! 183151782 Goofball #2 183151783 Goofball #3 I'm so happy that I caught this picture of him. 183151784 After a 3 hour hike 183151785 Dog Park Resting in the shade! 183151786 Dog Park with Maurice Maurice his good friend! 183151787 Walking the neighborhood 183151788 Santa! Happy Holidays! 183151789 Kenta's 2nd Birthday Party Our neighbor across the hall, Riante, came over to celebrate Kenta's birthday! We got a doggie cake and doggie ice cream! 183151790 Doberman Down There are so many dobies in dog class. I think this day there were 8 or 9! This is Charlie and Mocha laying next to Kenta! 183151791 Nappin I love how he has his paw resting there too 183151792 Hangin out... of his crate! literally! 183151793 Kenta's best friend/girlfriend, Daisy Daisy actually came with us to pick up Kenta from Jambolou Dobermans. She helped to teach him the ways and adjust. They play so well together, they are practically siblings. 183151794 Kenta and Daisy during a hike They both look so elegant! 183151795 Soccer Lazin in the backyard after kicking the soccer ball around! 183151796 Kenta's Vest! 183152751 Right after Kenta's Therapy Certification YAY!!!! 183152752 183152753 183152754 Pup Night at PNC PARK friends 183152755 Pup night at PNC PARK Going to see the Pirates baseball game! 183152756 Goofball! Just hanging out upside down on the bed 183152757 Poor pup Kept licking his wound, so I had to put the "cone of shame" on him! 183152758 Therapy Dog Work Shadyside Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Nurse Laura used to have two Dobies too! 183152759 Therapy Dog Work #2 183152760 Dog Training Class He was leaning on me while we were waiting 183152761 Resting in Bed He loves to cuddle! 183152762