Jambolou Doberman Pinschers

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Educational Web Links and Recommended Businesses

This page is to provide links to websites to help educate pet consumers with their 4-legged family members.

Companies and Organizations - I am happy to post your links as long as they are pet related

  • Natural flea deterrent and shine boosters

  • Good and Bad Dog food websites! Allergies are known to be caused by certain ingredients! Check out these sites!

  • We follow a limited vaccination schedule and recommend this to our puppy customers.

  • Information regarding puppy care and rearing of your new family member

  • This section is for businesses who sell pet products that I have personally purchased and recommend to buy from. I will continue to add as I try new items for our dogs.

  • The following links address what "Z" factor is and why responsible doberman breeders dont breed for albino or white dobermans.