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Dangers of Flea Treatments - Provided by Adam Conrad Shih Tzu Expert

Posted by Andrea Smeltzer on July 5, 2018 at 12:35 AM

Dangers of oral and topical flea treatments

Fleas are undoubtedly one of the most dreaded words for a pet lover. Ticks and fleas are parasites that feed on the blood of our beloved furry friends.This can cause discomfort and in some cases even serious health issues.The most obvious way to fight fleas is to stop them from occurring in the first place.This can be done by giving regular baths, but even so fleas may spring upon your four pawed love especially if they wander outside and dogs being their playful selves spend an ample amount of time playing outdoors inviting dust,dirt and ultimately fleas.


How do I know if my pets has fleas

If your pet frequently scratches and bites itself,fleas may be the culprit.On further examination of the coat if you see flakes of skin,flea dirt or even live fleas;then you know you have a problem.Fleas can even be transmitted from pet to owner.If you happen to find a live one the best way to dispatch it is by drowning them in soapy water


Ways to get rid of fleas

There are several effective methods to fight fleas,which can widely be classified into chemical and non-chemical flea removal methods.Chemical methods are pills and tablets that can be taken orally,they may take a few days to work.Non-chemical topical methods are the shampoos,sprays and powders that are used. Flea dog collars are used as a preventive measure.These are available in various sizes and concentrates on fleas around the face and neck area.


Oral medicines

Oral medicines are more convenient and easy to monitor.They are available in either beef flavoured tablet or soft chew and are eaten as treats.Trifexis is one of the best in the market,it is chewable,kills fleas and also prevents heartworms,hookworms,roundworms and such.Nexgard helps prevent ticks.Before you choose the medicine always consult your vet.Once the digestive system breaks down the medicines they are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream allowing it to circulate throughout the body.


Topical Medicines

Topical Flea medicines like shampoos, powders and sprays eliminates fleas at all stages of the growth cycle.


Disadvantages of oral treatments

Oral treatments are extremely popular as they are easy to give and the results are immediate.Oral flea medicines starts to kill fleas in half an hour.Since they are given orally there is no messy residue making it a good option if you have children at home.

Although there are a lot of pros it comes with side-effects,since the chemicals are released directly into the bloodstream,there is concern for nausea,vomiting,lethargy,diarrhea,dry and flaky skin,anorexia and seizures.All pets are not the same and it can effect them differently.Some of them may find it hard to swallow.


Disadvantages of Topical medicines

Topical medicines may require prior preparation like you may have to abstain from giving your pet a bath two days before you use the shampoo.The entire process can take upto 48 hrs to be effective and the results may last only upto a month.It also comes with certain other disadvantages like

● Not all the ticks and fleas are repelled

● The pet undergoing the treatment must be kept away from other pets and children

● May cause skin irritation

● Can be time consuming

● Has to be applied several times ringer the required results

● May have to be combined with other options

● If using sprays the area has to be well ventilated.Care should be taken to avoid contact with other pets and children

● If this is your pet’s first time,it can lead to skin irritation and hair loss.They can also develop sores and get infected.

● Can give off a pungent medicinal odour

● If the medicine comes in contact with your pet's eyes,you will have to clean it off immediately.

● In certain extreme side effects your pet may even be subjected to loss of appetite,difficulty in breathing and even depression.

Both kinds of medications come with its share of pros and cons.Before making a decision make sure to get professional help.All pets are different and so it is important to choose the one that suits your furry friend.

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